Anchor, 2014 (Rough Draft)

No longer my light,
But darkness itself.
The anchor that draws me
Into the deepest depths,

You, who taught me to
Now threatens my very being
And my soul,
Beyond repair,
Cannot live on.

The cuffs of a slave
Some say,
The bracelet of a warrior.
But which am I?
I am prisoner of a failing body.
Captive of a weak heart.

Break the chains,
No, I will carry them
In fingers turned to bone
And fight for my next
So I do.
I do.

But the victory
Is bitter.
One moment, a single gasp
of air
Before I find myself
Once more on
the floor of the blackwater.
And it is then,
That I understand.

I do not hold on because I love you.
I hold on because I cannot love myself.



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