The higher you climb,
The further the fall.
But here I am,
Teetering on the edge of Everest.
On top of the world,
Higher than I’ve ever been.

It feels as if I’m floating.

You, a short series.


PLACES,  2015

I’m not sure I like Italian.

But I let you take me there.

I’m sure you thought it was fancy,

A way to impress me, to get the girl.

You got me then.

In the cheesy dimmed lights,

The wine glass decorations.

Over a dinner I could barely stomach, and 

Now I’m not sure it was the food.

Maybe, the butterflies.
A park in the evening.

Should I go? 

I asked everyone who would listen.

Parks and strangers never sound inviting.

But those butterflies clouded my mind. 

The lake sparkled in the sunset as 

You held my hand for the first time.

At least, when the Mosquitos weren’t 

Ruining the moment. 

The water was still as were we

Until you made the move, confidently.
With your lips still on my mind,

We saw each other again.

Dinner. Movies. How cliché,

Yet I wanted to be there.

The night is hazy, and the movie was alright.

However, in your car, wrapped up in you with my favorite song playing

Is my favorite part.

My knees were weak.
They’ll tell me it wasn’t long enough,

Ask why I didn’t wait.

But that night, in my room,

I gave myself to you without knowing.

There was no romance, no delicate pace.

The sheets weren’t soft and the TV was loud.

But it felt right.

 And had you never called again,

I would have been okay.
But you did. 

You, a short series. 

standard edition, 2015

You look nice today.
A genuine compliment from a 

Friendly face but feels more

Like an insult. 

Is it the layers of beauty product

Smeared across my skin?

The unnatural lashes, rosy

Hue of my cheeks?

When it takes effort to 

Be praised for my beauty

I must only be when I wear

My own personal war paint.
Something is different about you.

He tells me with a grin,

It’s the good kind.

I smile back as he unknowingly 

Encourages the beginning of 

disorder, consequence. 

Is it because I’ve

Starved myself for two weeks


It takes sacrifice to be Sexy

I must only be when I can 

Fit into sized zero jeans.